Post #6 Web Design Assignment

For my Web Design Project I choose to create a fictional library, the Urban Falls Public Library. I decided to create a site that would be part of an ongoing, larger project the library offers, that features all the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction. Each winner would have a main page, with links to all of the author’s work, which includes all book cover artwork and a bibliography.

I choose the author Richard Ford. The site consists of a main author introduction page, a link to another page that contains the author’s novels, a link to another page that contains the author’s collected short stories, and a link to another page that contains a full bibliography of the author’s work in pdf format. I first created the main intro page and made it into a template, then copied the pages for the fiction and non-fiction pages. I then downloaded the cover art from Amazon to the link pages. I created the bibliography page as a word document, then converted it into a pdf file.

I made a table and put links to interviews with the author at other web sites inside of it. I created all the internal anchors, then set all the colors of the background and the fonts. I did have some trouble getting all the artwork to line up with the captions, but after a few attempts (and creating more tables) I got it figured out.

The biggest lesson I learned is to storyboard your site first, and refer to it often. Also making a template is a good idea as it gives the same look and feel to every page. Testing each feature of every page as it was written made sure that any issues did not get repeated on the other pages. I also learned to cut and paste, so that I did not have to code every table on every page from scratch. Once the basic concept was made, it flowed well and was not hard, just tedious at times. I enjoyed building the site, and now feel comfortable coding html.

My class bio page and web site project are available for viewing on the web.


~ by bassperr on December 1, 2007.

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